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Are you generating the sales your product deserves…?

Could you be selling more products; to more people; more often…?


Here are a few examples of the many JV’s we’re running right now…

John Charles Personal Finance are the preferred supplier of financial products to Rightmove and Rightmove Overseas.  So, to be blunt, they are really good at what they do.

We’ve joined forces with John Charles to promote their complete range of unique financial investments.

Our marketing techniques are generating additional, highly targeted leads.  The team at John Charles are converting these leads into new clients and, we’re sharing the additional profits generated from this activity.

That’s a win-win partnership by anyone’s judgement…!

Lewis Howes is an American Entrepreneur and co-author of two brilliant Social Media training programmes; LinkedInfluence and FBInfluence.

We are delighted to be working with Lewis and his team to bring these highly acclaimed training programmes to the UK.

We’ve customised the marketing approach to appeal to UK market and are placing the product in front of 1000’s of targeted individuals each and every month.

“It’s a brilliant win-win JV between Lewis and us.  The margin we’re able to create makes the project super exciting.  I can’t wait for Lewis to create his next product.” Phillip Gibbs

Stromberg are one of the UK’s leading designer Golf Trouser manufacturers.

Now, if you’ve ever met Phil you’ll be able to understand how excited he was about the idea of working with Stromberg.  As a mad keen golfer lets just say it brought a big smile to his face!

We partner Stromberg under an Affiliate Agreement and generate on-line sales for them and their retail partners to fulfil.

The result…?  Stromberg, and their agents, receive additional orders from our extremely focussed on-line marketing activity and, we earn a nice commission income without the need to hold any stock or fulfil any orders.

Happy days…!

We’re always on the look out for new opportunities… new Joint Venture partners.  However, we do ask people to be a little prepared before contacting us.

Over the years we’ve had all sorts of approaches, some brilliant… some a little less brilliant…!

Here’s an example of an approach that will grab our attention.  Send us an email containing this info and we’ll be scrambling for the phone to be straight back in touch.  However, we don’t want everyone to see this, so you’ll have to hover your mouse over THIS SPOTDear Phil, I am the owner/developer of XYZ product. Here's the website address/I've attached a detailed document explaining the product and it's benefits to the customer. I have been marketing the product in the following manner and to date we've been selling on average x per month. I've run the attached adverts in the XXX newspaper, ZZZ magazine and on YYY websites achieving the following profitable response (enclosed document of sales to date). Here are the specific costs of the product and the sales margin we're able to/forecasted to achieve. I have also conducted the following market research/I have been talking with X,Y,Z focus groups and the feedback is attached. I would like to roll this out by doing A,B,C and here are my underlying sales assumptions for the next 6 months. to discover the secret.

Here’s a typical example of what not to send in:-

“Dear Phil, I have this great product… I haven’t sold many but I just know there’s a market for it. All my friends agree its great and should be selling more. Out of interest, how much would you want if we were to market the product together?”

Now, ok, perhaps we’ve had a little fun there.  However, we hope you get our point. If you are serious about your product/service/invention then you’ll have been interested enough to hover your mouse above and, you will have uncovered the secret of how to approach us in an engaging manner.  You will have started to qualify your interest.  That simple act really helps us sift the serious people from the dreamers and time wasters.

It’s easy really:-

  • Know your facts
  • Send us the right kind of email with the right content

and we’ll be very interested in looking at your proposal further.

However, if you can’t be bothered to research your market and know your facts, then you can’t really expect us to take you seriously.  Sound fair…?

Apologies if that’s a little blunt, but setting up successful Joint Ventures takes a little time and we want to spend that time on exciting projects with like-minded engaged individuals.

Are you generating the sales your product deserves…?

Could you be selling more products; to more people; more often…?

If so, gather your facts together and drop us a line.

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