Let’s discover the key to your success...your wealth…

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Let’s discover the key to your success...your wealth…

Everyone wants to find the magic key to success. However, lets start this article by asking you a very stright forward question…here we go!

Are you building your business to run it or sell it…? Now…what’s your answer?

It’s an old saying, but it always surprises us just how many business owners don’t know their answer.  Even if you had to think about it, to be honst, you’re not where you should be.  The answer should be completely with you…second nature to you.  If it was, congratulations…believe us when we tell you you’re well in the top 5% of companies in your sector.

If the answer wasn’t second nature to you… it’s essential you read on and understand the benefit of knowing your answer.

After all…how can you expect to be successful if you don’t know exactly why you are doing what it is you do?

If you’re building your business to run it.  You’ll love what you do, you’ll want to be successful at it and, be proud of what you do, why you do it.  You will be completely confident that the business can generate the spare time and funds you need to live the life you desire.  You will have a succession plan in place which genuinely allows you to retire and relax at the point when this becomes important to you.

If this is the case, that’s absolutely brilliant.  We wish you every success now and in the future.  If this is you… you don’t need to read on!

Or, you may be building your business to sell it.  You love the cut and thrust of starting, growing and selling a business.  It’s not that you don’t like what your business does, its more the fact that what you really enjoy is the building and growing aspects, rather than the doing and managing side of the business.  You’ll have a plan in place and a buyer profile already identified, enabling you to build the business in a particular way ensuring its as attractive as it can possibly be when you come to sell.  You’ll have the timing planned out and, a range of your sale prices and their underlying assumptions.  You will be completely confident about the reality of this plan and your ability to achieve it, take the money and move on to whatever is your next goal.  It might be retirement, a new business or even a combination of the two.

Again…if this is the case, that’s absolutely brilliant.  We wish you every success now and in the future.  If this is you… you don’t need to read on!

If you only take one thing from this article, please let it be this…

If you didn’t immediately know the answer to the above question then STOP… Take some time over the next 5 days to think through why you are doing what it is you do.  There’s no right and wrong between the two, its completely your choice.  However, it’s a choice you must make.

If you like…the only wrong answer is to not have an answer at all…!

Being successful comes much easier if your doing something you simply love doing.  Lets think back to your school days.  Did you get your best grades in the subjects you enjoyed the most?  I know I did and I’d have a little bet you did too.

To be fair, I’ve deliberately missed a little bit out above.  There is another wrong answer and, unfortunately it’s by far the most common…it’s one that the team at Virtuoso see all too often.

The other wrong answer comes when we’re not completely honest with ourselves.  Business can often change as they grow.  They can, even with all the best intentions, become something we didn’t expect them to become.  Or, perhaps our lives may change, our view on what’s important to us can develop over time and sometimes this can means that what was great, is no longer so appealing.

Non of the above is wrong in itself until we do this… JUST CARRY ON REGARDLESS!

It’s when we’re here, in this situation, that success is not only really difficult to find it’s impossible.

You can start to feel a little trapped.  Your energy levels for what you do will drop and it’s very very unlikely that you will ever achieve the lifestyle you were once aiming for.

Image courtesy of BBC Dad’s Army

But there’s no need to panic Mr Mainwearing…!

Remember the problem here is JUST CARRYING ON and expecting different results from doing the same things or, kidding ourselves that it’ll all be OK despite the fact that our original plan is miles away.

So, now we’re aware of this lets make a change.  After all we’re in control of our own lives aren’t we?


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