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Phil and the nicest of Dragon's

Phillip met with Deborah Meaden at the National Smarta Awards recently.  During discussions Deborah made a comment that really made Phillip smile and, it’s stuck in his mind ever since.

“Money in the bank follows those business owners who implement the strategies.  It never follows those who just plan and, never will…FACT”


We interviewed Phillip on his thoughts, he said…

“Whilst attending the national Smarta100 Awards at London’s O2, I met with Deborah Meaden, ‘the nicest of Dragon’s’ and, we talked about the breadth of entrepreneurial spirit in the UK today and, how modern businesses should be structured.”

“The Smarta100 Awards are proof that, if you have a strong desire and align your goals correctly, then success can and, will be, truly independent of any government actions and the financial climate.”

“Here’s the phrase I use with my clients and at presentations on a regular basis.”

“I recommend you write this out for yourself.  Take a few minutes to consider each element for yourself…how do you think and feel about each part of the equation?  Do you have everything in place to ensure your success?.”

“In fact, drop me a line directly…?  I’d love to hear your thoughts and help you move forward if you feel there’s a weak or missing link.”

Phillip’s Top Tip

“I’ve learnt over the years, from my own experiences that Staff, Stock and Premises are not all they’re cracked up to be.  In fact, I now do everything possible to avoid all three.  I regularly call them the dreaded S.S.P!”

  • “If I need staff, I keep them on flexible turn-on, turn-off contracts working remotely using free technology like Google Doc’s and Skype tele-conferencing.”
  • “If I need carry stock I only ever take it on a ‘sale or return’ basis.”
  • “If I need premises I only ever take on short term, switch-on, switch-off leases or even better still I’ll take a Virtual Office option whenever I can.”

“Now, it is true to say that these principles won’t work for every business.  Absolutely true.”

“However, it is also true to say that not all businesses are equal.  Again, absolutely true.”

“Some business models burden you with Staff, Stock and Premises.  They burden you with weighty fixed costs.  In my opinion these are rapidly becoming ‘old-fashioned’ business models and people are hanging on to them unnecessarily.  It’s time to take a fresh view and re-model your business before it’s hit too hard.

I’ve been there in the past.  I’ve run and sold a business which had large fixed overheads… a large site… a large building… lots of staff… lot’s of stock… and quite frankly, now I’ve discovered the other side, I don’t ever want to run one of these ‘old-fashioned’ businesses again.”

“Other businesses, like the winners at the Smarta 100 Awards, and all the businesses I’m involved with now, operate on completely light-weight, ultra lean principles.”


“Because my firm belief is that a business should be there to generate personal wealth and create the lifestyle the owner desires.  This might sound blatantly obvious, but I meet business owners, each and every week, who have completely and utterly lost sight of this.”

“Is your business really generating the wealth and lifestyle you desire…?”

“If the answer is yes, then power to your elbow, keep your energy focused and enjoy the wealth and lifestyle you are creating.  You already have the Belief, Knowledge and Desire required, to generate the Energy and Action, which is creating your Success.

“If, on the other hand, the answer is no.  Then please don’t be sucked into the belief that business is difficult, times are hard and people aren’t spending.  Because it’s simply not true.”

“For example; if you’ve been selling Solar Panels and Green Energy over the last 3 or so years, you should have had some great years.  If however, you’ve been a Mortgage Advisor then times won’t have been some plentiful.  However, it’s not the economies fault you’ve perhaps been struggling…you need to change your business model and, for example, enter the pension investment market instead.  It’s been well publicised that this sector holds huge potential over the coming years, particularly as the law is changing and forcing companies to Auto Enrol employees…now there’s a great opportunity.

“You see, if you believe life is tough and money is hard to earn then, I guarantee you, without doubt, that you will achieve exactly what you are setting out to.  You’ll spend hours working hard, not earning the money you deserve and you will gradually become more and more fed up with life.”

“It’s time you stopped this cycle now… drop me a line, directly to my inbox, by simply clicking here and we’ll arrange a time to talk things through…create your plan and, empower you to the life you desire.”

Here’s to your success…

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